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主頁商業時事Oriental Watch Holdings Joins Series A Funding for ESG Start-up GoImpact

Oriental Watch Holdings Joins Series A Funding for ESG Start-up GoImpact

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GoImpact, an ESG and Sustainable Finance start-up, announced the closing of its Series-A round fund-raising, at a valuation of US$ 22 million, tripling that of the last round. The investors comprised a Hong Kong listed company, Oriental Watch Holdings Limited (“Oriental Watch Group”; Stock Code: 0398.HK), and a leading Hong Kong-based private investor.

GoImpact provides case-based, experiential learning courses which are crafted and delivered by a group of experts in sustainable finance and ESG, which include synchronized and asynchronized learning programmes and workshops. The Learning courses are structured to align with the 17 United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), in five key areas, namely Climate, Education, Health, Inclusion and Biodiversity. Courses offered by GoImpact are recognized on accredited platforms in Hong Kong and the region, and include Certificate Programs with Executive-training academy of prominent universities in Asia. In a short period of time, GoImpact’s geographic reach has extended to five countries or regions in the Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, India and the United Arab Emirates.

“GoImpact has made impressive strides over the past year,” Mr. Dennis Yeung, Chairman and Managing Director of Oriental Watch Group, commenting on the investment. “The company’s clever position to tackle the underserved ESG education market promises tremendous growth potential. We are delighted to support a promising young company which has the foresight in driving ESG adoption, and providing the necessary knowledge to enable C-suites and executives to implement sustainable strategies for their companies.”

GoImpact was founded by finance industry veterans Ms. Helene Li and Mr. Clarence T’ao, and a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Andy Ann, in 2020. With a forward-looking vision, the founders set their sights on the huge potential of ESG and began building an ESG ecosystem before ESG was brought to the spotlight. In two years’ time, GoImpact established a highly regarded education network consisting top ESG and industry experts, prominent higher-education institutions, industry bodies, financial institutions, large corporations and governmental agencies across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Apart from ESG education, GoImpact also engages in other areas to mainstream and drive the sustainability agenda forward. The company is currently building an ESG ecosystem based on three key pillars, namely GoLearn (education), GoNetwork (structured advocacy) and GoInvest (deal flow platform for sustainable investments), to enable actions on sustainable development.


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